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What We Stand For

Immigrant Solidarity Dupage in its mission is to educate, united and mobilize Dupage County around the struggles and rights of the Latino community stands for the following:

• Legalization for All the 12 million undocumented workers in the United States

• The Right to Work and Organize by all Able and Willing

• An End to E-Verify and all firings which uses the Social Security Administration SSA system to criminalize the Right to Work

• An Immediate End of All Immigrant Raids and Silent Raids (i.e. IRS audits)

• A End to Police Racial Profiling and the 287(g) Program with a Call for the State of Illinois to suspend “Consent” Searches

• No to all “Bracero” Guest Worker Systems

• Independence from Political Parties and Electoral Campaigns

• An Immediate Change in US Foreign Policy to Latin America, which has traditionally favored policy which has impoverished the many (and their environment) at the expense of the few

• Dissolution of the Prison-Industrial Complex which has sought Profits before People with Big Business securing Lucrative Government contracts to foster the imprisonment, deportation and deaths of thousands of Latinos and Latin American citizens.

• A commitment to a United Front with our Friends and Allies from Local Houses of Faith, Labor, Environmental, and Peace community to build toward these goals.